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             10 Signs of Cheating:
  • Working a lot of overtime
  • Excessive use of the Internet
  • Additional mileage on the vehicle
  • Hanging out with new friends
  • Smells of alcohol or perfume
  • Hiding the phone/cell bills
  • Purchase of a pager
  • No longer interested in sex
  • No longer wears a wedding ring
  • Saying “I need space”
USA Special Services understands the urgency with which you need answers.  Our investigators are highly skilled at uncovering what a spouse/significant other so carefully tries to conceal.  We can also investigate a person prior to marriage or a commitment to ensure they have represented themselves.  Below are a few ways we can assist you. 
Matrimonial/divorce investigations – Providing a proof of a third party involvement can assist you towards a more positive divorce settlement.  The evidence we provide can prove “inclination and Opportunity” and is documented through detailed reports, videos, photographs, and background investigations.  The invaluable information establishes a strong “bargaining power” in negotiations for settlement. 
Child Custody/Spouse Visitation – The facts provided in this investigation can assist attorneys in their recommendation of the sole person chosen for child custody.  Also, we provide documented facts of unwarranted behavior of person directly involved with your children.  Our surveillance techniques and extensive investigations of criminal records background information are used in an effort to prevent possible or further: child abuse; cohabitation with child present; child neglect and/or parents drug or alcohol abuse. 
Premarital Background Checks – USA Special Services can reveal valuable and in-depth information for personal involvements or verification of history:  Marriage/divorce records; number of children; date of birth; ownership of residence; phone number searches; verification of history; driving/criminal record; judgments and liens; and bankruptcy.


USA Special Services LLC is a fully Insured and Bonded Security and Investigative Company

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