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Counter Electronic Surveillance is highly damaging to your company and reputation. Bugs, miniature cameras and covert recording devices are now easily available to the general public, allowing the easy monitoring of conversations and gaining of still and video imagery. We specialize in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) - counter electronic surveillance - for clients who may be under threat from technical surveillance.
The TSCM debugging team utilize the latest advanced professional counter electronic surveillance equipment to test all telephone, fax and modem lines and conduct radio and physical sweeps. The debugging sweep includes searching and locating infrared, video, burst, encrypted, spread spectrum and frequency hopping transmitters throughout your premises. This covers professional covert bugs together with low quality transmitters that can be purchased by anyone from spy shops or via the Internet.
Non Linear Junction Detectors (NLJDs) are used to increase the search quality. They give the debugging team the facility to find dormant transmitters, i.e. remotely-switched bugs, even when they are switched off. Recently added to the extensive equipment was a Thermal Imaging system.
A comprehensive report is compiled, detailing the results of the TSCM debugging sweep, together with our recommendations as to the security of your premises and how to protect your organization from infiltration in the future. We often schedule surveys for between two to six debugging sweeps per year, or attend ahead of particularly sensitive situations, such as in event of AGM's, hostile takeover bids or share holders meetings.
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Mobile Counter Electronic Surveillance
We frequently supply Counter Electronic Surveillance teams to determine whether an organization or individual is being followed or investigated.
In certain critical situations, clients need to have complete reassurance that their movements are entirely free of third party observation. A typical case might be where the client is involved in company mergers and acquisitions, or where business or social life activities could expose the client to personal background investigation from a competitor or hostile media intrusion.
In our experience, it is highly effective to use the findings of an counter electronic surveillance operation to reverse the procedure and make the hostile surveillance or investigative team the subject of our investigations. We will then liaise with and advise the client how to instigate a series of disinformation procedures.
Awareness is the first step in fighting a hostile threat or intrusive media operation. Our wide-ranging experience of working in hostile environments means that we are ideally equipped to detect this type of risk. Once we have identified a threat, we employ anti-surveillance techniques to protect our client’s safety and privacy.
As a result of the quality of our debugging team and our counter electronic surveillance expertise, we can offer our clients a level of service usually only available to VIP's, diplomats and government officials.


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